About Me
I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio in the middle of 11 children and the closest I got to a farm and farm living was an episode of Green Acres. When I was about 8 we won a radio contest that sent us to the Geauga County fair. It was there that I got my first up-close-and-personal look at farm life. At 10 we moved to Columbia Station at that time, known for its number of greenhouses, and golf courses, and it was there that I first baled hay, and learned to appreciate a hard days work on the farm. My dad worked at Chrysler and almost everyone I knew had some kind of factory job. I however loved being outside, always trying to make a buck, mowing lawns, shoveling snow, paper routes (loved the Cleveland Press, hated the Sunday Plain Dealer) working at the various golf courses, heck I was even a caddie. My first love was always sports. I played football, baseball, basketball, wrestling, track, & golfed till the sun went down. Went on to St. Edward High School - I am very proud to have been an Eagle, “hail to the Green & Gold”! My other love, listening to and pretending to be Joe Tait (legendary Cleveland sportscaster). I always dreamed of being in radio. I did some voice over work in school but a real broadcast job didn’t come along until after college. I did everything, air-personality, sales, production, and some engineering. After several years in radio I landed a job at an Advertising Agency, then went on to open my own agency in 1991. Through my agency business I honed my skills in video, along with other multi-media capabilities. Wilson 1 Communications is the fruition of that labor of love and today in addition to producing “In Ohio Country Today” since 2005, and Sports Programming for Time Warner Cable since 1997, we develop a number of different marketing and media tools for our clients.
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